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The songs of this film have been shot in Naya Raipur and Dhamtari, while the screenplay has been shot in a village in Bilaspur.

VO_ Film producer Babi Khan said that the film's director Rajesh Nayak has not only directed the film but also composed the melodious song music of the film. The film's screenplay and dialogues are by Salaam Irani, co-directed by Bhupendra Chandaniya, camera man Toran Rajput and Laxman Yadav. Similarly, Seema, a world item song artist of Bhojpuri Film Industries, has also done an item song in this film!

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At the same time, some famous Bhojpuri artists have also acted in this film. This film has been made in two languages ​​​​Chhattisgarhi and Bhojpuri. The actors of the film are getting the opportunity to act in Bhojpuri film and Bhojpuri artist in Chhattisgarhi film and both the film world's performance is being appreciated by the audience.

One such artist Lalit Upadhyay who is a resident of Bhilai who is performing his better acting in Chhattisgarhi films as well as Bhojpuri films and has also performed his better performance in Babi Khan's film More Maya La Rakhe Rahi Be. This too had reached Dharmanagari in the release.

Mor Maya La Yakhe Rahibe CG Movie Star Casting

मूवी  - मोर माया ला राखे रहीबी
गायक - सुनील सोनी
गीतकार - राजेश नायक
संगीत - राजेश नायकी
निर्माता - राजेश नायक
निर्देशक - बॉबी खान
कलाकार - बॉबी खान, तनुश्री, प्रतिभा पांडे
कैमरा - तोरण राजपूत, लक्ष्मण यादव
कोरियोग्राफी - नंदू टंडिक
संपादक - श्रीमंत बारिको
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